Case Studies & Product Sheets

Copper Concentrate Packaging System

As part of a major production expansion, a new copper concentrate circuit was implemented producing approximately 16 tonnes per hour throughput. Our client sought to automate the filling and packaging of the copper concentrate into one or two tonne bulk bags. The system had to have two redundant packaging lines with the option to run lines individually or simultaneously. The system performs pallet staging, bag filling, weighing, and label application operations.

“Copper concentrate has a sand-like consistency and thousands of tonnes are produced every year by the client’s plant. The concentrate is shipped in one or two tonne bulk bags for further processing.”

Slag Dumping Solution

Our client sought to eliminate the risk of injury and exposure to SO2 to the operator. The previous system required the operator to connect the slag pot to an overhead power distribution cable and operate the dumping of the molten metal with a lever located directly beside the pot. There were three primary risks to this:

  1. Potential contact with molten metal
  2. Working near a railroad track with poor line of sight between the worker and locomotive driver
  3. Risk of electrocution

“Slag is the waste material produced from the smelting process. The molten slag, liquid at over 1000 degrees Celsius, is poured into large ladles on a train car and disposed of by dumping.”

Cathode Stripping Machines

Customized Refinery Solutions

Ionic has developed and produced machines for every type of tankhouse process and capacity. Whether it be electro-refining or SX/EW, split-sheet or V-sheet, manual or automatic, or something unique, Ionic can offer an affordable, dependable solution tailored to your refinery.

Upgrade Your Existing Cathode Stripping Machine

Ionic can:

  • Performance and Safety Audit/Scoping Study
  • PLCProgramming improvements
  • PLC/Control systems upgrades (i.e.: legacy to modern PLC)
  • Upgrade mechanical transfers with robotic transfers
  • Addition/upgrade of washing, strapping, labeling,weighing, corrugating, clinching, transfer cars, and more
  • Vision systems for evaluating copper quality, and automatic sorting
  • Hydraulic-to-servo upgrades
Anode Preparation Systems

High-capacity Linear and Rotary Dial systems that meet the demands of the world’s largest electro-refining copper plants. Ionic’s design is the only system of its kind that allows 180 degree robotic transfer rotation.

Operation Stations

Both the linear and dial-style systems are available with a variety of operation stations and options:

  • Anode Receiving
  • Body Pressing
  • Lug Milling
  • Anode Spacing
  • Anode Inspection and Rejection
  • Bundle Splitting
  • Lug Pressing
  • Face Milling
  • Anode Delivery
Robotic Welding

Ionic specializes in increasing your organization’s productivity by finding solutions for complex industrial challenges.

Ionic’s one-stop-shop offers customized production systems for the manufacturing and resource sectors.

Ionic designs and builds control systems, special purpose machines, and complete automation systems for customers around the world.

Robotic Cutting and Welding

  • MIG, TIGand spot welding applications
  • Laser welding and cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Jigless welding
  • Geo-fixturing
  • Lean process assembly
  • Tandem wire
  • Vision solutions
Copper Nickel Refinery Automation
  • Available from 60 through 700 cathodes per hour
  • Full range of anode processing systems from 60 to 550 anodes per hour
  • Copper anode prep
  • Anode handling
  • Anode scrap wash

Value-added Advantages

Ionic has taken the steps to develop systems that take advantage of these technologies to their fullest and providing:

  • Reduced footprint
  • Mechanical simplicity
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Automated loading and unloading
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