Anode Preparation Machine (APM)

When you’re operating a refinery, it’s all about efficiency. The more you can increase the output without introducing new safety risks or a reduction in quality, the better. The proper preparation of anodes is key to gaining such efficiencies.

Flat anodes that hang straight and perfectly parallel create a better current efficiency and better cathode coverage.
Ionic’s Anode Preparation Machine can support the needs of even the largest of refineries: It has a capacity range of 150 to 550 Anodes Per Hour (APH).

If you’re pressed for space in your plant, our rotary-style APM may be the solution you’re looking for. Its unique design allows it to achieve the same output as a standard APM within a dramatically smaller footprint.


Base System

  • Body press
  • Lug press
  • Lug mill
  • Face mill

Optional Features

  • Anode receiving
  • Anode spacing
  • Anode inspection and rejection
  • Bundle splitting

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