Cathode Stripping Machines (CSM)

At the heart of the world’s most productive copper refineries, you’ll find the workhorse of the whole operation: The Cathode Stripping Machine (CSM). A CSM increases production, improves safety and is a crucial and vital asset in any copper production plant.

At Ionic Mechatronics, our business is making yours as productive as possible. That’s why we’ll work with you to ensure you get the right CSM to meet your needs. Every plant is different: Different floor plans, different inputs, and different objectives. Copper refinery is not a one-size-fits-all type of operation.

CSMs span a wide spectrum of needs:

  • Manual vs. Fully Robotic
  • Low-Speed vs. High Volume
  • Small Foot Print vs. Large-Scale Operations

We should know: Ionic Mechatronics was the very first company on the planet to introduce robotics for the handling of materials and cathodes. And yet, we’d be the first to tell you that sometimes this kind of automation can be overkill. Sometimes, simpler is better.

So whether you have a small plant punching out a few dozen cathodes per hour, or you need to produce hundreds per hour, consider your problem solved when you work with Ionic. We’ll get you set up with exactly what you need: nothing more, nothing less.

In all areas, we keep an open mind to finding the right solution. We are not proponents of any one approach for any particular set of problems. Rather, we consider all possible solutions, weigh their pros and cons with you, and develop practical and pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges.

Base System

  • Compatible with your tankhouse process (KIDD, ISAKIDD, ISA)
  • Cathode agnostic: compatible with your existing inventory
  • Adaptable to any brand of robot
  • Stainless-steel and epoxy-coated fabrication for maximum resistance to corrosion
  • All-electric motions: no need for expensive and high-maintenance hydraulics.

Optional Features

  • Wash booth
  • Corrugation
  • Sampling station
  • Automated bundling
  • Cathode ID and tracking
  • Automated quality sorting
  • Hanger bar cleaning

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