Uranium Drumming Machine

Uranium continues to be one of the world’s greatest sources of emission-free energy, but along with its production and refinement comes a powerful need for comprehensive safety measures.

The packaging of uranium in yellowcake form creates a massive challenge around dust control. Even the smallest amount of dust could have dire consequences for the health and safety of your employees.

With Ionic’s patented fill stations, drums can be filled without generating any dust whatsoever. We’ve eliminated every single point of human interaction with the packaging process. Simply load empty drums and lids at one end — free and clear of any contact with yellowcake — and pick up the filled and sealed drums at the other.

Our applications engineers will work with you to design the system that fits your budget and needs. Automate the entire process, or merely the filling station. No two situations are ever the same, so our solutions aren’t either.


Base System

  • Filling station
  • Dry wipe station
  • Scrubber

Optional Features

  • Scrubber
  • Legal-for-trade weight station
  • Drum loading and destacking
  • Drum labelling
  • Inspection station
  • Product sampling

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