Solve your hardest problems.

Boost productivity and slash your operating costs with a healthy dose of mechatronics.

When you’ve got a hard problem to solve, say “Yes”.

Yes to the impractical and insurmountable.

Yes, to mechatronics.


Those of us who work in industry face new and novel challenges every day. Some problems have ready-made solutions, for which specialists abound, ready to apply domain-specific knowledge to focused and well-defined problems.

But where do you go when confronting novel problems? The kinds of problems no one has yet to solve?

Mechatronics is a field of generalized engineering. It’s the overlap of robotics, electronics, networking, computing, hydraulics, design, and automation. If specialists carry hammers, mechatronic engineers carry an entire workshop with us, open to many possible solutions at once. And then we invent new tools, new products, and new processes where the old ones come up short.

Hard Problems, Solved:

The proper application of mechatronics can solve such a wide array of engineering challenges that it’s nearly impossible for us to provide a concrete list of the services we provide. In truth, we sell only one product: The confidence of knowing your engineering hurdles are handled. Here are just a few of the varied projects we’ve had the good fortune to work on.

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What It’s Like to Work With Ionic Mechatronics

Working with Ionic Mechatronics is not like working with other OEMs. The biggest difference? We integrate directly with your team to understand your needs and deliver solutions.

When quoting projects, we’ll work with you to develop a concept and ensure that we meet all of your requirements and specifications. We will keep iterating over the solution with your team until it satisfies every need, and only then will we look at costs and pricing.

Why this delay in providing pricing information? It’s so that you have all of the necessary information to be able to trust our cost estimates. This is the only way to ensure we meet not your project’s scope and delivery window, but also your budget.

You’ll discover that our engineers are very hands-on. We will visit your location in the planning stages as well as for installation, commissioning, and training.

But can Ionic solve MY problem?

Yes, we almost certainly can. When it comes to solving engineering hurdles, Ionic Mechatronics is undefeated. We’ve yet to come up short, and we live for the challenge.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. You don’t even have to believe our enthusiastic customers. You can see for yourself by putting us to the test.

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