Customized Solutions

No two industrial operations are ever the same. Every mine, factory, and facility is unique and faces its own unique sets of challenges.

Ionic Mechatronics is in the business of providing solutions to those challenges. We’ll work with you to understand the problem, spot the opportunities for greater efficiency, and develop solutions that boost productivity and slash your operating costs.


  • Automation Systems
  • General machine design and engineering services
  • Panel building and assembly services
  • Machine safety and industrial machine performance assessments
  • Safety cells, robotic arms
  • CNC tending
  • Assay lab

Ready-Made Solutions

Whenever we solve new problems, we look for opportunities to turn those solutions into products — thereby reducing the cost and time for implementation the next time you need it.

Of course, these are merely starting points. We will customize each implementation to your unique specifications and requirements.

Copper Processing:

Anode Preparation Machine (APM)
Cathode Stripping Machines
Starter Sheet Assembly Machines
Starter Sheet Cathode Harvesting
Starter Sheet Harvesting Machines
Starter Sheet Stripping Machines
Anode Scrap Wash Machines

Nickel & Cobalt:

Mandrel Preparation Systems
Mandrel Rounds Stripping

PGM Drumming Systems
Rare Earth Metals Drumming/Bagging Systems
Concentrate Bagging Systems


Smart Industrial Roller Conveyors
Smart Industrial Chain Conveyors